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Drafting rates are charged by the hour. We have found that an hourly drafting rate is more fair than a per sheet charge since the drafting time is directly tied to the complexity of the drawings. Please contact us to obtain our current hourly rates.

The cost per sheet will vary based on the complexity of the drawings, the hourly rate currently in place, as well as the amount of information that is provided at the start of the drafting process. Please send us your drawings for a quote.

Our Process

  • Work with drawings provided via email, from AutoCAD files as well as a variety of other electronic formats on PC's and Macintosh
  • Open/Import 3d drawing files created using SolidWorks as well as other standard 3d file types
  • Utilize a 3d scanning system when actual finished products are supplied
  • Formal drawings are normally provided via email in PDF format. Other drawing formats are possible such as Microsoft Visio.
  • Electronically send/receive digital photos and images
  • Provide accurate scale drawings from models, prototypes, engineering drawings, photos, rough sketches and verbal descriptions
  • All work is guaranteed to meet all necessary requirements for filing
  • Rapid turnaround to meet tight filing deadlines